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Sexual difficulties

What do we mean by sexual difficulties?

A sexual difficulty is any problem which stops you - or you and your partner - from experiencing satisfaction during any part of a sexual encounter. A lack of libido, loss of pleasure in sex, and compulsive sexual behaviour are just some of the issues people encounter. Many men experience erectile dysfunction (problems getting or maintaining an erection) and premature ejaculation. Women are more likely than men to experience dyspareunia (pain during sex). The reasons for sexual problems may be physical, psychological or a combination of both.

At Face to Face Therapia we know how upsetting sexual difficulties can be. If you're experiencing problems of any kind, please get in touch . We can talk through the issue and get you the right help.

Does my sexual problem require treatment?

Sexual problems are far from unusual, and most people will experience them at least once in their lives. Whether something requires outside help depends on the individuals concerned. Some women have difficulty reaching orgasm. This is not always an issue for them or their partner. A sexual problem only requires treatment if it persists or is causing one or both partners distress.

Many problems have purely physical causes. Women who find sex painful may be suffering from fibroids, or a condition called endometriosis. We'd always recommend consulting a medical professional before seeking therapy.

How do we treat sexual problems?

We have a lot of experience of treating sexual problems at our centre. Most women who attend our step by step treatment programme for Vaginismus, a very uncomfortable and upsetting condition, emerge completely cured. We also treat erectile dysfunction using a similarly structured programme. Sexual problems are often caused by unresolved problems in a relationship. If you and/or your partner are experiencing sexual difficulties, and would like to attend therapy together, we would recommend a course of sex therapy.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact us .

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