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Psychotherapy & Couples counselling in Istanbul

One to one therapy

What happens in one to one therapy?

In one to one therapy, you meet regularly with a therapist to talk about the issues that are troubling you. Therapy can be beneficial in so many ways. It provides a safe space in which you can discuss whatever's on your mind, without feeling hurried and without fear of judgement. 

Your counsellor is not there to judge or have opinions. He or she is there to listen to you and to help you find ways of alleviating your distress. This may include helping you to become more aware of yourself, your patterns of thought and behaviour, and your relationship to others.

Simple as it sounds, this knowledge can be liberating. When we're unhappy, we often feel confused and 'stuck'. Psychotherapy opens up new ways of thinking. If you want to, it can also empower you to make changes in your life.

If you are in distress, and struggling to cope, please get in touch. We can talk through the issue and get you the right help. 

What kind of issues can psychotherapy help with?

Therapy can help with all sorts of problems. Some people need help with one-off issues; others may be experiencing more general feelings of distress. Below are some very common issues we help people with at our centre.

  • relationship problems
  • depression
  • fear and anxiety
  • anger management
  • post-traumatic stress
  • panic attacks
  • low moods, low self-esteem
  • mood swings and behavioural problems
  • sexual difficulties
  • stress, including workplace stress
  • feeling discontented with life, wanting 'something more' 

    What types of therapy do we offer?

    We are proud to offer both psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy at our centre. Although there is a difference in style, both therapies have the same aims, and similar ways of helping people identify and work through problems. More can be read about both approaches here. If you're seeking help following a harrowing experience, we also offer a pioneering treatment called EMDR. This gentle technique helps people to process - and move on from - traumatic events.

    Some therapists use an integrative approach. This means they have experience of several types of therapy, and may draw on them at different times if they feel it will be helpful for you. All this can be discussed with your therapist as you progress.

    We are very happy to chat in more detail about any of our therapies. To find out more, or to make an initial appointment, please contact us.

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